Ms C Dunlop
Rose Bay, Sydney,
NSW Australia 2029

5 May 2013

To Whom it May Concern,

In April 2013, I spent 8 days in Bali with my husband and 2 young boys aged 5 and 11mths. I employed Narie on the recommendation of friends, and expected her to help out mostly with our baby's napping, bathing, and feeding.

I was amazed at how easily Narie blended into our family routine and bonded with the children. She used many techniques from distraction and singing for the baby, and even brought her own toys and crafts to entertain our 5 yr old son and his 2 cousins (ages 6 and 7). I was especially pleased to see that Narie is a confident swimmer, and was always happy to jump in the pool and supervise the children at close range. Narie did not just sit back and watch, she constantly engaged with the children, and as a result, my 5yr old son still cherishes the time he spent with Narie.

I am confident Narie could be left in charge of multiple children without concern. I would be confident in recommending Narie to work with children from birth upwards. Narie has twin boys of her own, and knows how to juggle multiple children at once, and she has a common sense approach to child care. Narie is a pro-active carer, who does not need to be given instructions constantly, and is happy to join family outings and meal times.

I have a strong background in childcare, having been a nanny in London for 11 years, working with children and their families with ages ranging from birth to 10yrs. I currently work as community counsellor for an au pair agency in Sydney Australia, giving advice and assistance to au pairs and their host families. I think myself a good judge of character, and had I even one doubt in Narie's ability to care for my two sons, I would never have employed her. Thanks to Narie, our holiday was more relaxing than we ever could have imagined.

Che Dunlop