Ms C Dell
Melbourne, Australia

October 2014
Villa Vajra, Sebali, Ubud

Ni Komang Sudinariani (Narie) has cared for our two children  - 5 years and 8 years - on at least 10 occasions over the last 18 months during our two most recent trips to Bali.

She is a superb nanny/babysitter and our children simply adore her.. 

Narie always manages to strike just the right balance in keeping our girls happy and entertained with active play and quieter activities. 

She is highly creative and our girls love the crafts she brings for them to do. She also helps them explore and learn about the beautiful natural environment of Bali and uses what they find to create beautiful things.

Narie is also a confident  swimmer and happily stayed in the pool with the girls for as long as they wished. 

Narie has First Aid skills and a Certificate in Basic Life Support Training from the well-respected BIMC Hospital in Ubud. 

When both our girls became ill on our last trip - one with an infection and one as the result of a wasp sitng (neither of which occurred when Narie was caring for them), when Narie did arrive in the hours afterwards she tended to them both with her gentle manner, providing massage and reassurance to soothe both their minds and bodies.  In fact, she did such a  good job that the care she provided in the aftermath of their illnesses are among some of their most cherished and talked-about memories from our trip!

Narie has two twin boys of her own (now at school) and brings her experience with them to her work. She is punctual, endlessly flexible, honest and friendly.

She cared for our kids many times at the villa while we were also relaxing there and always managed to strike just the right balance between ensuring we had some peace and providing a helping hand when the kids wanted to be with us. She is an absolute pleasure to have around and fitted in seamlessly with our family. We also unhestitangly left the kids in her care when we went out at night.

It is testament to Narie's excellence that the thing our kids look frward to most on retrun trips to Bali is the chance to spend more time with her!

I unreservedly recommend Narie as a nanny and/or babysitter. 

I am happy to be contacted via email by prospective clients. christen[at]twirlingbetty[dot]com[dot]au